Cold Moon Journal

Cold Moon Journal
Photo c. Alf B. Meier

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

By Mirela Brailean

shadows circling

the night rises in the eyes

of the wounded deer

Mirela Brailean

By Ed Ahern

prey waits in shelter

for the arriving hunter

cold wrapping them both

Ed Ahern

Monday, February 27, 2023

By M. R. Pelletier

refrigerator hum—

   the sound

   of silence

 M. R. Pelletier


yard sale—

   she gets rid of things

   he never needed

M. R. Pelletier

Sunday, February 26, 2023

By Bipasha Majumder (De)

fog-shrouded field . . .

silver birch stands


Bipasha Majumder (De)


lakeside walk . . .

a salmon sips

the rainbow

Bipasha Majumder (De)

By Mihaela Babusanu

end of quarantine

the smell of cherry blossoms

retest my senses

Mihaela Babusanu

By Aaron Bn

masonry nails

repeatedly hammered

splitting my head

Aaron Bn



moonlight seeps through

branches of sleeping giants

recharging for spring

Aaron Bn

By Helen Ogden

winter piazza

chestnuts wrapped

in yesterday's news

Helen Ogden



church tour

the beggar on the steps

extends his hand

Helen Ogden

By Daniela Lăcrămioara Capotă

half moon –



Daniela Lăcrămioara Capotă

By Sreenath

fishing a haiku

in the wild labyrinth

of my mind





on the churchyards

graveyard shift begins ...


By Bonnie J Scherer

sunny side up

other days scrambling

to find the light

Bonnie J Scherer

By Kristen Lindquist

river rocks

skirted with ice . . .

still grieving

Kristen Lindquist



spring wind

a door creaks open

in the hemlock grove

Kristen Lindquist

By Mike Gallagher

spring vase

dry leaves unfolding

butterfly wings

Mike Gallagher



dawn light

peering through mist

dim stars

Mike Gallagher

By Chris Langer

quiet breeze

a hummingbird dances

with falling leaves

Chris Langer



black coat

along the fine stitching

small snowflakes rest

Chris Langer

By Rupa Anand

deep winter—

an icicle at the tip

of his beak

Rupa Anand

By Ram Chandran

moonlit path

the hush hush voice

of the pine rows

Ram Chandran

By Elancharan Gunasekaran

twilight pier

crows tout

curses for sale

Elancharan Gunasekaran

By Tuyet Van Do

New Year's Day

her new old self

enjoys dawn chorus

Tuyet Van Do

By Goran Lowie

my father’s gait

miscalculated steps

I can’t correct

Goran Lowie

By Maya Daneva


rushing to their hiding spots

the feet of this toddler

Maya Daneva

By Regina Florene P. Tan

I miss you like a home

But one that’s unrecognizable

Repainted, long gone

Regina Florene P. Tan

By Ellen Kom

Mother’s Day

slipping in mud 

at the cemetery

Ellen Kom

Saturday, February 25, 2023

By Maria Cristina Pulvirenti

Ink painting

Mantle of snow

well defined

Maria Cristina Pulvirenti

By Adrian Bouter

frosted trees a branch of silence

Adrian Bouter 



month of birth the unmarked date

Adrian Bouter 



sleet I dream the map of Spain

Adrian Bouter

By Ranice Tara

unknowing the path stream leaves

Ranice Tara



water rushing the funeral flowers

Ranice Tara

By Priti Khullar

whirlpool of life

I toss between

sunrise and sunsets

Priti Khullar

By Hassane Zemmouri

fever night...


amongst nightmares

Hassane Zemmouri

Friday, February 24, 2023

By Anna Maria Domburg-Sancristoforo

wall of clouds —

sometimes I sleep

with the light on

Anna Maria Domburg-Sancristoforo


day moon

I indulge in the luxury

of illusions

Anna Maria Domburg-Sancristoforo

Thursday, February 23, 2023

By Govind Joshi

set to leave

with the dawn

a train whistles

Govind Joshi



step farms

we start

for the moon

Govind Joshi


waiting for spring

a solitary


Govind Joshi

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

By Kavita Ratna

wrapped up

in aroma of tea

laced fingers

Kavita Ratna

By Douglas J. Lanzo

ocean pulse

the surge of bubbled tide

swaying through kelp forests

Douglas J. Lanzo

By Refika Dedić


on the surface of the snow

invitation to dance

Refika Dedić 


winter sun—

shivering on the bench

frozen flower

Refika Dedić

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

By Ann Sullivan

train whistle

from the attic

paper-mache mountain

Ann Sullivan




in a metal bucket

ice moon

Ann Sullivan

By Robert Witmer


the ring of steel

for a bride

Robert Witmer




in the breeze

she whispers in the baby's ear

Robert Witmer

Sunday, February 19, 2023

By Lisa C. Reynolds

fragile roots

burrow deeper —

February blues

Lisa C. Reynolds

By Muskaan Ahuja

long bus ride…

someone cracks

a peanut shell

Muskaan Ahuja

Saturday, February 18, 2023

By Ruth Holzer

I'm still

traveling this

open road

hard to imagine it

running out

Ruth Holzer

By Chen-ou Liu

writer's block ...

at dawn I open the window

to release the silence

Chen-ou Liu

By Maria Teresa Sisti

year of the rabbit —

surrounded by nothing

I'm with myself

Maria Teresa Sisti

Friday, February 17, 2023

By Herb Tate

new moon

sweetly my sweater

keeping us warm

Herb Tate

By Deborah A. Bennett

cold moon —

leaving the last persimmon

for the cuckoo


Deborah A. Bennett

By Deborah Karl-Brandt

caring for others

the old orchid

blooming again

Deborah Karl-Brandt



winter storm…

thinking about the

strength of bamboo

Deborah Karl-Brandt



cold moon …

pretending not to hear

his question

Deborah Karl-Brandt

By Tim Murphy

empty street

the extra silence

on Christmas Day

Tim Murphy



full moon

the manuscript

takes shape

Tim Murphy

By Richard Bailly

crescent moon

thinning every minute


Richard Bailly

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

By C.X.Turner

pixie cup lichen

the slow growth

of inner healing



dwindling sky lost in the blue shape of you


By Mark Gilbert

the egret

& its reflection

paths diverge

Mark Gilbert



flowing uphill

the winding trail

of a rattler

Mark Gilbert

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

By Paula Sears

Valentine’s Day

a cardinal’s wings

on winter wind

Paula Sears



crowning every picket

of our fence . . .

snow moon

Paula Sears

By Jim Azevedo

the heart calls

and calls

silence of a winter night

Jim Azevedo

By John J. Dunphy

'no commitment'

advertised policy of the gym where

she picked me up

John J. Dunphy



reindeer under either arms

my wife and I begin

de-Christmasing our yard

John J. Dunphy

By Ana Drobot


a group of friends

chatting without me

Ana Drobot

By John Pappas

year of the rabbit

signing over power

of attorney

John Pappas

By Jennifer Gurney

The clocks have stopped

There is nothing left to do

But to pray for peace

Jennifer Gurney



I often wonder

What the tooth fairy does with

All of those lost teeth

Jennifer Gurney

Monday, February 13, 2023

By petro c.k.


from the past year

black-eyed peas

petro c.k.


in the time it takes

to drink my tea

my fortune changes

petro c.k.

By Keith Evetts

mating hedgehogs

we tell our little kids

they love each other

Keith Evetts



swept along

by the winter flood

party hat

Keith Evetts


beside the Moon

but so much smaller


Keith Evetts

Sunday, February 12, 2023

By Michelle V. Alkerton

blades scraping the ice–

figure eights

until supper

Michelle V. Alkerton





and down the stairs

his indecision

Michelle V. Alkerton

By Lakshman Bulusu



on a night stroll

Lakshman Bulusu

By Jay Friedenberg


on a windshield

the way time slips away

Jay Friedenberg

By Susan Lee Roberts

alone in the morning

fog encloses

my world

Susan Lee Roberts

By Alvin B. Cruz


than her attention span

her eyelashes

Alvin B. Cruz

By Mircea Moldovan

draft haiku

too long the word


Mircea Moldovan

By Stephen Jarrell Williams

spread of winter

farms with barren fields

sleeping roots

Stephen Jarrell Williams

Friday, February 10, 2023

By Katherine E Winnick


she dreams up

a feast 

Katherine E Winnick




she starts to bake

homemade bread

Katherine E Winnick




half a loaf later

she sleeps

Katherine E Winnick

Thursday, February 9, 2023

By Wai Mei Wong

sunset beach

the painting

we are in

Wai Mei Wong

By Farah Ali

ancient woodland…

the trees pause

to listen

Farah Ali

By Joe Sebastian


learning the art

of just being

Joe Sebastian

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

By Brad Bennett

where the leaf ain't what insects ate

Brad Bennett

By Louise Hopewell

still dawn

frog song bounces

across the billabong

Louise Hopewell

By Reid Hepworth


by your negative


I search for comfort

in the small things

Reid Hepworth

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

By Jenn Ryan-Jauregui


in their daily affairs

sun and moon

Jenn Ryan-Jauregui



falling in

and out of love

daisy petals

Jenn Ryan-Jauregui

By Sébastien Revon

walking the new dog

the hill I thought

I knew

Sébastien Revon

Monday, February 6, 2023

By Kimberly Kuchar

day moon

changing out the flowers

on your grave

Kimberly Kuchar

By Diana Teneva

a dandelion…

long-forgotten secrets

in the silence

Diana Teneva

Sunday, February 5, 2023

By Barrie Levine

service dog


my inner silence

Barrie Levine



before plastic the velvet edge of sea glass

Barrie Levine

By Pippa Phillips

dwindling twilight

the silence eats

a cicada

Pippa Phillips





the green

of an unwitnessed tree

Pippa Phillips

By David Josephsohn

kitchen drawer

the clanging of knives

sharpens my appetite

David Josephsohn



tornado warning

the winds laugh

at our intrusion

David Josephsohn

Saturday, February 4, 2023

By Susan Burch

braying donkey I make an ass of myself

Susan Burch



King Arthur camped out on my couchalot

Susan Burch

By Mona Bedi

wayward wind

learning to be


Mona Bedi

By Bisshie

snowflakes at midnight

the wino warms his hands

over the oil drum


By Mirela Brăilean


all these unknown

blood brothers

Mirela Brăilean

Friday, February 3, 2023

By Herbert Shippey

floorboards creak

the house settles

into old age

Herbert Shippey

By Maya Daneva

New Year’s covid

measuring my fever

for first time

Maya Daneva



Father’s Day

thinking of the kidney donor

of my father

Maya Daneva

By Gerald Friedman

morning glory flowers

die in a day

but those from stems trimmed off

tossed in the shade

last and last.

Gerald Friedman

By Birk Andersson

side by side

the names of the dead

antique bookshop

Birk Andersson

By Naomi G Tangonan

mother’s wheelchair

empty for years now

i still hug her there

Naomi G Tangonan

Thursday, February 2, 2023

By Tiffany Shaw-Diaz

scent of pine away from the hustle

Tiffany Shaw-Diaz



until i can no longer mourn this dried up river

Tiffany Shaw-Diaz



when i gaze

into my past

Tiffany Shaw-Diaz



but i am always


Tiffany Shaw-Diaz


then watch me dissolve into the cosmos

Tiffany Shaw-Diaz

By Mona Bedi

winter stars

this wish to return


Mona Bedi



back home

I caress a pebble

from the mountain

Mona Bedi