Cold Moon Journal

Cold Moon Journal
Photo c. Alf B. Meier

Monday, April 25, 2022

By Nika

dandelion wine

older than I remember

former loves


By Muskaan Ahuja

soaring seagull—

the shape 

of her eyebrows 

Muskaan Ahuja

By Jane-Rebecca Cannarella

pebble eyes copper scales—

we never went fishing

but I wanted to

Jane-Rebecca Cannarella

By Bernadette O'Reilly

welcome home

a spider waits 

beside the door

Bernadette O'Reilly

By Nudurupati Nagasri


traveling through black holes

karma's boomerang

Nudurupati Nagasri

By Adele Evershed

hospital visit—

I travel the dark river

of her wrist

Adele Evershed

By Juliet Wilson

dark matter–

the weight

of family secrets

Juliet Wilson

By Maya Daneva

unexpected door ring

I hide the spider

under the welcome mat

Maya Daneva

By Tina Mowrey



the season

Tina Mowrey

By Alex Lanzo

swirling colors

around our bait

rainbow trout

Alex Lanzo

By Tuyet Van Do


crickets serenade

a restless soul

Tuyet Van Do

By John Pappas

so still at the end of the dock a white heron

John Pappas

By Sushama Kapur

could I steal it forever this petrichor

Sushama Kapur

By Priti Khullar


I do away with

my eyeliner

Priti Khullar

By Louise Hopewell

lost child

her tiny fingers

find mine

Louise Hopewell