Cold Moon Journal

Cold Moon Journal
Photo c. Alf B. Meier

Saturday, July 10, 2021

By Marilyn Ward

the ballerina

twirls her tutu...

pink Oleander

Marilyn Ward


mid-sentence a slow-passing comma


By Vincenzo Adamo

autumn wind-

I walk with dreams

still in your pocket

Vincenzo Adamo

By Lakshmi Iyer

paddling the stars

in the dark sky

I dream

of heaven beyond

my reach

Lakshmi Iyer

By Teji Sethi

orange hour

sun sinks into

a cloud of dust

Teji Sethi

By Kayla Drouilhet

mid snore…

his hand still rubbing

my back

Kayla Drouilhet

By Pippa Phillips

coffee at midnight


in a starless sky

Pippa Phillips