Cold Moon Journal

Cold Moon Journal
Photo c. Alf B. Meier

Monday, February 5, 2024

By Robert Epstein

it could be winter or it could be worse

Robert Epstein

By Mark Gilbert

new moon same as the old moon

Mark Gilbert

By Bryan Rickert

switching to dark mode winter solitude

Bryan Rickert

By Joseph P. Wechselberger


the ground fog

rabbit ears

Joseph P. Wechselberger

By Laurie Donaldson

across the slow night

spread blankets of little fires,

stars i couldn't reach

Laurie Donaldson

By Stephen Jarrell Williams

woodpecker flying

over the cement city

searching for wood

Stephen Jarrell Williams

By Lucia Fontana

preparing me

for a world

that still

does not exist —

lotus flower

Lucia Fontana

By Barrie Levine

haiku pals

     our endless conversations

over three short lines

Barrie Levine

By Joshua Gage

ghostly asphodel

discovering the nuances

of sadness

Joshua Gage

By Charles Rossiter


the neighbor's dog is barking

at nothing again

Charles Rossiter

By Janet Krauss

Leaving the island

carrying my sack of longing

the heft of silence

Janet Krauss

By Jerome Berglund

wand of heaven


major chords

Jerome Berglund

By Mark Forrester

mountain stream

a few persimmons

on either side

Mark Forrester

By Fhen M.

The sky full of stars

a world without humans.

Fhen M.

By Steve Van Allen

snow in patches

one last dandelion

Steve Van Allen

By Kelly Sargent

an owl’s gaze

my twin watches me

divide the last piece of birthday cake

Kelly Sargent

By Chen-ou Liu

the depth

of this absence of home,

of belonging ...

my face in the rearview mirror

this eviction day

Chen-ou Liu

By Sarah Paris


the tea leaves

Groundhog Day

Sarah Paris

By Nicoletta Ignatti

winter sky painting spaces between clouds

Nicoletta Ignatti

By Anthony Lusardi

before the storm altogether the crows

Anthony Lusardi