Cold Moon Journal

Cold Moon Journal
Photo c. Alf B. Meier

Monday, December 11, 2023

By Janet Krauss

A child's laughter

rings above trees

locked in winter solstice

to remind them

of their awakening

Janet Krauss

By Jennifer Gurney

I hear your voice

each morning

in the birdsong

Jennifer Gurney

By JL Huffman

tom turkey

courts a field of hens

fantail display

JL Huffman

By John J. Dunphy

asleep on Route 66

my cats naps on

an old road map

John J. Dunphy

By Janet Ruth Heller

coyote prowls

the golf course—

what’s his handicap

Janet Ruth Heller



foot of snow

on bird bath—

muffin top

Janet Ruth Heller

By Jay Friedenberg

the leaf blower man

between blasts —

puffing his cigarette

Jay Friedenberg

By Jenny Mattern

tethered by

starlight chains—

moon pendant

Jenny Mattern

By Joseph P. Wechselberger

my friend’s cabin

a short dash to the creek

for a skinny-dip

Joseph P. Wechselberger

By Jovana Dragojlovic

sleeping mountain

only the silence

whispers softly

Jovana Dragojlovic

By Jon Wesick

Oh, woman on bike

The future of humanity

Rides on your hips

Jon Wesick

By Jahnavi Gogoi


father’s shoulders

my royal seat

Jahnavi Gogoi