Cold Moon Journal

Cold Moon Journal
Photo c. Alf B. Meier

Thursday, April 11, 2024

By Robert Epstein

a flower does not talk

. . . and yet

this fragrance

Robert Epstein

my shrinking life

I never did own

a little black book

Robert Epstein

bee sting ––

I thought I knew you

better than that

Robert Epstein

at home

snuggling in bed

with the wrong book

Robert Epstein

old wooden bridge

how you keep me

hanging on

Robert Epstein

By Robert Witmer

spring wind

a bamboo hubbub

rubs against the sky

Robert Witmer

a small boat

asleep in the waves

the fisherman tracing stars

Robert Witmer


from marble

the hand of a slave

Robert Witmer

behind her eyes

so many rooms

a breeze through rose curtains

Robert Witmer

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

By Nalini Shetty

broken mirror

a fractured self

stares back

Nalini Shetty

city park

every bench has

its own story

Nalini Shetty

By M. R. Pelletier


through pinholes in shoeboxes—

kindergarten eclipse

M. R. Pelletier

Small talk—

   he answers her questions

   with one-word replies

M. R. Pelletier

By Mile Lisica

sky in the water

two moored boats

share the silence

Mile Lisica

I close my eyes

to feel a little more

the depth of the sea

Mile Lisica

By Joshua St. Claire

what is and isn’t the moon behind stratocumulus clouds

Joshua St. Claire

end of greatness

winter sun spent

among the hemlocks

Joshua St. Claire

By C.X. Turner

tiny pebble

warmed by the memories

of summer

C.X. Turner

morning sun

on a journey

of becoming

C.X. Turner

By Maurice Nevile

bank queue

stretching well beyond

the welcome sign

Maurice Nevile


train station

the smokers lined up

against the wall

Maurice Nevile

By Francoise Maurice


he completes his profile

on a dating site

Francoise Maurice

east wind

the yellow of dawn

at the window

Francoise Maurice

By Stephen Jarrell Williams

the last songbird

on a mountaintop

singing to the world

Stephen Jarrell Williams

empty railroad tracks

sunflowers reaching skyward

between the steel rails

Stephen Jarrell Williams

By Chen-ou Liu

midnight snowfall

the nonstop blaring

of a car alarm

Chen-ou Liu

gathering shadows

ten more people ticketed

for sleeping rough

Chen-ou Liu

By Mark Forrester

cavern walls—

humming a tune

from another time

Mark Forrester

morning mist

a few swans sleeping

on the pond—

still giving each other

the silent treatment

Mark Forrester

By Ravi Kiran


the art of balancing

black coffee

Ravi Kiran

a second look

at the first impression

red mushroom

Ravi Kiran

By Tony Williams

partial sight

his life

in a goldfish bowl

Tony Williams


my hand stuck out

to feel the sting

Tony Williams

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

By Nitu Yumnam

earthen pot

the shape i take

shifting homes

Nitu Yumnam

By Elliot Diamond

shadow dance

the coyote howels…

a karaoke moon

Elliot Diamond

By Jennifer Gurney

on the edges

of my periphery—

you live

Jennifer Gurney

By Kathabela Wilson

I took the dragon

by the tail held onto it

my compass

circle after circle in sand

it drew me inward

Kathabela Wilson

By Olinda Ninolakis

Y is why

not an ypsilon

all Greek to me

Olinda Ninolakis

By Mark Gilbert

cherry blossoms

and then some snow

April fool

Mark Gilbert

By Stephen Toft

moonlit snow

a fox prints

her own poem

Stephen Toft

By Samo Kreutz

gentle dawn ...

the haiku remains


Samo Kreutz

By Manoj Sharma

pendulum swing

I let the memory


Manoj Sharma


office window

the ascending aroma

from the alley bakery

Manoj Sharma

long night

the lonely baying

of a stray dog

Manoj Sharma

March wind

a drifting leaf settles

on my shoulder

Manoj Sharma

ancestral well


my foremothers

Manoj Sharma

By Timothy Daly

stale bread we can’t break the silence

Timothy Daly

blackberry bush this bitter departure

Timothy Daly

the side they don’t see of me half moon

Timothy Daly

By Jackie Chou

no water lilies

but rock reflections

in the winter pond

I look for beauty

in the cold and gray

Jackie Chou

a stone Buddha

on the garden path

reminds me

it was many years ago

I last lit incense

Jackie Chou

two blue-tailed birds

hopping in and out

of a fallen tree

all the things I cannot name

on my midday walk

Jackie Chou

the sky tonight

bereft of the moon

and stars...

I write a love poem

about airplanes

Jackie Chou

By Anthony Ward

Did I waste myself on excess,

Wanting too much

Until it became too little?

Anthony Ward


To see the moon and hear the loon

Is to feel what night is made of

Anthony Ward

Leaves dance to the rhythm of the rain

Anthony Ward

By Noga Shemer

above or below

i will always be here when

wildflowers return

Noga Shemer

how many, he asks

infinite, is her answer

azalea petals

Noga Shemer


leave the door open

so I may hear you trying

not to disturb me

Noga Shemer



i worry for you

but you've been through this before

daffodils in snow

Noga Shemer

Sunday, April 7, 2024

By Debbie Strange

the world careens

from crisis to crisis  . . .

pumpkin toadlets

image and words Debbie Strange


vegan picnic

three scoops of daisies

in my cone

image and words Debbie Strange


Friday, April 5, 2024

By Steliana Cristina Voicu

romanian village —

the sun rises from a basket

of field flowers

Steliana Cristina Voicu

By Georg Cook

Milk spilt

Nothing is meant to remain

Contained forever

Georg Cook

Sands shift

The eviction notice


Georg Cook

By Leanne Mumford

market day—

a woman tying bundles

of fresh lavender

Leanne Mumford

By Wanda Amos

then and now

the declining number

of beetles

Wanda Amos

women in black

the harvest of their wombs

cold in the earth

Wanda Amos

By Vandana Parashar

Indian market

all the vehicles parked

in no parking zone

Vandana Parashar

stirring a storm

in the puddle

strong wind

Vandana Parashar

By Bonnie J Scherer

snow –

dozens of Inuit words

none easy to shovel

Bonnie J Scherer

moths nibbling on wool fingerless gloves

Bonnie J Scherer

peel after peel the onion still

Bonnie J Scherer

By Goran Gatalica

morning wind . . .

the birdsong too

rooted to sky

Goran Gatalica


sunny spot —

cultivating a garden

in our yard

Goran Gatalica

By Steve Van Allen

dry winter leaves

slowly overtaken

by greens of March

Steve Van Allen

By Hassane Zemmouri

as long as time nostalgia

Hassane Zemmouri

By Joshua Gage

drum solo

her red stiletto

trying to keep time

Joshua Gage

By Jeff Burt

The moon lights the plum

petals, a thousand candles

and birds yet to rise

Jeff Burt

By Xiaoou Chen


the calf’s lifted foot

hangs in the air

Xiaoou Chen

By Richard Bailly


trunk in tail

elephant couple

Richard Bailly

By Scott Wiggerman

room to grow

the yukuta

envelops us both

Scott Wiggerman

low water crossing the missteps

Scott Wiggerman

closed clinic

another choice


Scott Wiggerman

By Louise Hopewell

red desert

sheep bones scattered

among everlastings

Louise Hopewell

botanic gardens

the welcome sign decorated

with pigeon poo

Louise Hopewell

By Janet Ruth

too much bad news brewing a cup of tea

Janet Ruth



fresh-cut-grass smell

at twelve, reading Nancy Drew

in the tree house

Janet Ruth

By Tuyet Van Do

music pumping

in the skating rink

a dog on wheels

Tuyet Van Do

morning sun

among the golden fields

colored umbrellas

Tuyet Van Do

casting worries

in the open sea

a lone fisherman

Tuyet Van Do

By Ezio Infantino

lonely moon …

the flashing red lights

on the skyscraper

Ezio Infantino

By Douglas J. Lanzo

crystalized color

dragonfly wings shiver

then freeze

Douglas J. Lanzo



 subway jazz

tunes bouncing off

closed doors

Douglas J. Lanzo

boy gazing

at four-masted ship

magic in a bottle

Douglas J. Lanzo

By Ron Scully


through the chain link fence

an unforeseen breeze

Ron Scully


the rush home before

dad finds out

Ron Scully

By Randy Brooks

French Press

he gets full custody

of the coffee beans

Randy Brooks

By Pitt Büerken

global seafaring

the supply chains run


Pitt Büerken

By Deborah Karl-Brandt

prayer beads

touching each one

with a wish

Deborah Karl-Brandt

echo of an echo

the questions which remain


Deborah Karl-Brandt

By Oscar Luparia


the cuckoo’s call highlights

your absence

Oscar Luparia

By Helen Ogden

for all its faults

the iridescence

of the pigeon

Helen Ogden

farmhouse ruins

a blue door

off its hinges

Helen Ogden

By Anna Maria Domburg-Sancristoforo

spring blues

missing the feeling

for all that pink

Anna Maria Domburg-Sancristoforo

By Albert Schlaht

walking upside down

a fly finding its way

to the light

Albert Schlaht

morning sun

a pot of tea

and Basho

Albert Schlaht

By Jerome Berglund


throws voice across valley


Jerome Berglund

frosted shadows

searching for the

cause of death

Jerome Berglund

Thursday, April 4, 2024

By Bryan Rickert

the sound of their leaving

geese in the mist

Bryan Rickert

always on the move

   my one sided


         with the stream

Bryan Rickert

By Brad Benett

creek trickle

counting the planks

in the boardwalk

Brad Benett

cloud drift

wind wrangles

the chimney smoke

Brad Benett

By Barrie Levine

four-legged sweater

he sniffs his way

to the rainbow bridge

Barrie Levine

freshman dorm

my roommate’s bedspread

clashes with mine

Barrie Levine

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

By Jovana Dragojlovic

early morning

walking on the edges

of a new day

Jovana Dragojlovic

By Timothy Daly

night beach

these waves

of panic

and calm

Timothy Daly

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

By Biswajit Mishra

night read

an ant beats me

to Basho

Biswajit Mishra

wrong foot

on freshly mopped floor

my shoe prints

Biswajit Mishra

losing keys

the pleasure

of rediscovering

Biswajit Mishra

such love

the day after Valentine’s

dark chocolates

are all gone leaving

an empty heart

Biswajit Mishra


Hayrolls, photo by Biswajit Mishra



 Magpie on Tree-Thaw, photo by Biswajit Mishra


Full Moon, photo by Biswajit Mishra

Sunday, March 31, 2024

By Philip Andrew Lisi

Human Nature


glasswing butterfly


            I mark its spirals

            and seek a certain release

            in its weightlessness


cellophane in silky flight


            my son does not see

            his cruel potential

            it is just a bug

west wind in summer


            he tears wings with glee

            my hands tremble in a breeze

            too cold for August

Philip Andrew Lisi