Cold Moon Journal

Cold Moon Journal
Photo c. Alf B. Meier

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

By Louise Hopewell

the swing dangles

by a single chain

lockdown fatigue

Louise Hopewell

By Cynthia Anderson

gathering clouds—

unsure if memory

still serves

Cynthia Anderson

By Radhamani Sarma

playing dice


of prediction

Radhamani Sarma

By Kyoko Bengala


veils of melancholy

turn yellow 

Kyoko Bengala

By Samo Kreutz

cold autumn

trembling in the rain

the sound of a bell

Samo Kreutz

By Surashree Joshi

deep woods

I go to meet


Surashree Joshi

By Joanna Ashwell

a starless night

I make my own

kind of wonder

Joanna Ashwell

By Stephen Toft

a cello left

in the school gym…

winter dusk

Stephen Toft

By Krzysztof Kokot

old post office

I still haven't sent a letter

to you

Krzysztof Kokot

By Mirela Brăilean

empty shell

the truth

which I still hide

Mirela Brăilean

By Kelly Sauvage

southern heat the bristle of a gentleman’s whiskers

Kelly Sauvage

By Christopher Peys

stress fracture —

this paper spine breaks

as our favorite story unfolds

Christopher Peys

By Michael Morell


remnants of the road

remnants of me

Michael Morell

By Maria Teresa Sisti

autumn moon

silent another summer

walks away

Maria Teresa Sisti

By Zahra Mughis

heat island

kids next door

plant a tree

Zahra Mughis