Cold Moon Journal

Cold Moon Journal
Photo c. Alf B. Meier

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

By Alvin B. Cruz


on a full moon night

my perfect incompleteness

Alvin B. Cruz


small town gossip

at the laundromat

sound of the rinse cycle

Alvin B. Cruz

By C.X. Turner

freezing rain

reaching new depths

of melancholy

C.X. Turner

By David Josephsohn


the shadows and I

finally rest

David Josephsohn

By Keith Evetts

talk of peace

among the roses

spider threads

Keith Evetts

By Jay Friedenberg

sunset light

on almond blossoms

the last bumble bee

Jay Friedenberg

By Robert Epstein

alone with my loss

around the rosemary bush

bees humming

Robert Epstein

By Barrie Levine

swinging to a halt

on the coatroom rack

her new cane

Barrie Levine

By Mark Gilbert

a couple on the beach holding hands holding shoes

Mark Gilbert



dawn breaks

the mayfly’s will

to live

Mark Gilbert

By Ellen Kom

family reunion

another shot

of vodka

Ellen Kom

By Ana Drobot

flying carpet

resting on the wall

my therapist asks me

to bring free associations

for my dream

Ana Drobot

By Jerome Berglund

hole in the ice

derelict farmhouse

Jerome Berglund


old car in a field

further out lambs

Jerome Berglund

By Daya Bhat

overseas call

a blue jay takes away

all the minutes

Daya Bhat

By John Hawkhead

sky drums

crows in the skeleton tree

call down the storm

John Hawkhead

By Kristen Lindquist

Sunday morning

a girl scrapes a palm frond

through last night's litter

Kristen Lindquist