Cold Moon Journal

Cold Moon Journal
Photo c. Alf B. Meier

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

By Nitu Yumnam

earthen pot

the shape i take

shifting homes

Nitu Yumnam

By Elliot Diamond

shadow dance

the coyote howels…

a karaoke moon

Elliot Diamond

By Jennifer Gurney

on the edges

of my periphery—

you live

Jennifer Gurney

By Kathabela Wilson

I took the dragon

by the tail held onto it

my compass

circle after circle in sand

it drew me inward

Kathabela Wilson

By Olinda Ninolakis

Y is why

not an ypsilon

all Greek to me

Olinda Ninolakis

By Mark Gilbert

cherry blossoms

and then some snow

April fool

Mark Gilbert

By Stephen Toft

moonlit snow

a fox prints

her own poem

Stephen Toft

By Samo Kreutz

gentle dawn ...

the haiku remains


Samo Kreutz

By Manoj Sharma

pendulum swing

I let the memory


Manoj Sharma


office window

the ascending aroma

from the alley bakery

Manoj Sharma

long night

the lonely baying

of a stray dog

Manoj Sharma

March wind

a drifting leaf settles

on my shoulder

Manoj Sharma

ancestral well


my foremothers

Manoj Sharma

By Timothy Daly

stale bread we can’t break the silence

Timothy Daly

blackberry bush this bitter departure

Timothy Daly

the side they don’t see of me half moon

Timothy Daly

By Jackie Chou

no water lilies

but rock reflections

in the winter pond

I look for beauty

in the cold and gray

Jackie Chou

a stone Buddha

on the garden path

reminds me

it was many years ago

I last lit incense

Jackie Chou

two blue-tailed birds

hopping in and out

of a fallen tree

all the things I cannot name

on my midday walk

Jackie Chou

the sky tonight

bereft of the moon

and stars...

I write a love poem

about airplanes

Jackie Chou

By Anthony Ward

Did I waste myself on excess,

Wanting too much

Until it became too little?

Anthony Ward


To see the moon and hear the loon

Is to feel what night is made of

Anthony Ward

Leaves dance to the rhythm of the rain

Anthony Ward

By Noga Shemer

above or below

i will always be here when

wildflowers return

Noga Shemer

how many, he asks

infinite, is her answer

azalea petals

Noga Shemer


leave the door open

so I may hear you trying

not to disturb me

Noga Shemer



i worry for you

but you've been through this before

daffodils in snow

Noga Shemer