Cold Moon Journal

Cold Moon Journal
Photo c. Alf B. Meier

Friday, November 3, 2023

By Stephen Jarrell Williams



my inner thoughts

Stephen Jarrell Williams

By Marjorie Pezzoli

war puzzle peace into pieces

Marjorie Pezzoli



lead should surround stain glass not children


Marjorie Pezzoli

By Anthony Ward

Turning back the clocks

I go back in time

As if it doesn’t exist

Anthony Ward

By Vandana Parashar

election debate

the cat drags a dead mouse

out of the bush

Vandana Parashar



falling asleep

to the sound of snores

night watchman’s dog

Vandana Parashar

By Amoolya Kamalnath

grey skies

and yet,

a new road

Amoolya Kamalnath

By Mircea Moldovan

I'm a sack of rusty bones, sweet moon

Mircea Moldovan



between mature people

harvest moon

Mircea Moldovan

By Kerry J Heckman

wet cobblestone street

the open sign

blinks on and off

Kerry J Heckman

By Maria Concetta Conti

her tired face

how many leaves

on the ground

Maria Concetta Conti

By Bonnie J Scherer

paper thin

our penpal friendship

over the years

Bonnie J Scherer


crushing grapes —

the stain

of my sin

Bonnie J Scherer

By John Hawkhead

winter funeral

our plumes of breath

drawing veils

John Hawkhead

By Lorelyn De la Cruz Arevalo

2 am

a toddler's fixated gaze


Lorelyn De la Cruz Arevalo