Cold Moon Journal

Cold Moon Journal
Photo c. Alf B. Meier

Thursday, September 21, 2023

By Dejan Ivanovic

After midnight

the spider and I don't want

a cricket in the room

Dejan Ivanovic

By Louise Hopewell

the kids flutter

through rainforest

butterfly walk

Louise Hopewell

By Susan Burch

Tour de France –

the wicked witch of the west

wins again

Susan Burch

By Noah Berlatsky

the dog keeps barking

counting syllables

what are you saying?

Noah Berlatsky

By Zoran Doderovic

not in the heaven

nor on the earth –

water strider

Zoran Doderovic

By Adrian Bouter


the country air

in her hair

Adrian Bouter

 for Berry Bryant

By C. Jean Downer

tranquil nights

dipping my teabag

with expectation

C. Jean Downer

By Stephanie Zepherelli

group effort

geese stream south

on Autumn winds

Stephanie Zepherelli

By Xiaoou Chen

quiet pond

drawing some stars

before day breaks

Xiaoou Chen

By Chris Collins

we kiss - hug each day

as we travel together

through time in old age

Chris Collins

By Jake Williams

Palest blue

Only a bare twig

Greets the wind

Jake Williams

By Sreenath

just to be

free of all the burden

a bird flying

beyond the sky

into a timeless state


By Stephen Jarrell Williams

freshly cut grass

scent of the old ways

sickle in hand

Stephen Jarrell Williams

By Nancy Brady

sunset rain...

at the end of a rainbow

a goldfinch

Nancy Brady