Cold Moon Journal

Cold Moon Journal
Photo c. Alf B. Meier

Sunday, September 12, 2021

By Helen Ogden

mindfulness …

seeking the forest

… in the trees

Helen Ogden

By Agus Maulana Sunjaya

a murder of crows

in the bare branch

just before the dusk

answering my question

with questions

Agus Maulana Sunjaya

By Cynthia Anderson


the birds I can’t see

for the trees

Cynthia Anderson

By Tsanka Shishkova


in the treehouse ...

so long ago

Tsanka Shishkova

By Laughing waters

autumn sun

placing my shade

on the fresh stump

Laughing waters

By Samo Kreutz

a walk in the woods

instead of mushrooms

I pick memories

Samo Kreutz

By Surashree Joshi

the whispers

of unheard stories

forest trail

Surashree Joshi

By Zahra Mughis

noisy garden

a sunflower nods

to a buzzing bee

Zahra Mughis