Cold Moon Journal

Cold Moon Journal
Photo c. Alf B. Meier

Thursday, February 18, 2021

By Hemapriya Chellappan

just a puff of rouge strawberry moon

Hemapriya Chellappan

By Minal Sarosh

summer sun

a drifting mint leaf

in her lemonade

Minal Sarosh

By Réka Nyitrai

early spring...

a gust of wind mimics

my mother's tongue

Réka Nyitrai

By Tzetzka Ilieva

covid lockdown -

who thought I'd be content

with just a sliver of moon

Tzetzka Ilieva

By Jay D Filan

These fields

of colorless snow

I am lost in the world

so close to home


Jay D Filan

By Tsanka Shishkova

moonlit silence

shared loneliness

with a cup of tea


Tsanka Shishkova

By Samo Kreutz

alley cat

in her messy hair

first traces of sun


Samo Kreutz

By Mirela Brăilean

foggy days

less distressing


Mirela Brăilean

By Angiola Inglese

thin thread -

in the autumn fog

my fears


Angiola Inglese

By Vera Ivanova

Yellow and red

Leaves are falling everywhere -

Life's getting to sleep...


Vera Ivanova

By Ernesto P. Santiago

a homeless stranger

sleeping without face or name—

lengthening twilight

Ernesto P. Santiago

By Elancharan Gunasekaran

vaccine room

injecting silence

into veins


Elancharan Gunasekaran