Cold Moon Journal

Cold Moon Journal
Photo c. Alf B. Meier

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

By Refika Dedić

two leaves

on a bare tree

still together

Refika Dedić

By Ray Spitzenberger

the joy

the little one

brought us



Ray Spitzenberger

By Ellen Kom

heart monitor...

beats of rage

killing time

Ellen Kom

frail bones hanging on the dawn

Ellen Kom

By Dmitry Peredonov

Christmas night

the flavor of

mistletoe tea

Dmitry Peredonov

By Nicky Gutierrez


only the moon

in the thermos

Nicky Gutierrez

burning coals

the golden leaves

fall on us

Nicky Gutierrez

monastery grounds

the sandhill crane

makes her nest

Nicky Gutierrez


rabbit on the moon

can my voice

reach yours?

Nicky Gutierrez

By Susan Burch

refugee moon

my heart in a kingdom

far far away

Susan Burch

By Joanna Ashwell

twinkle toes

the tabby cat’s

midnight prowl

Joanna Ashwell

By C. Jean Downer

doctors speak

of failing systems

in this world

where will I

find home

C. Jean Downer

same stories


tonight, I mourn

all that is left


C. Jean Downer

By Mirela Brailean

hiss of bombs

an unaware cherry tree

keeps blooming

Mirela Brailean

By Maya Daneva

still able to hold

January snow

this orange leaf

Maya Daneva

white snake...

this voodoo witch

in the museum

Maya Daneva