Cold Moon Journal

Cold Moon Journal
Photo c. Alf B. Meier

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

By Tiffany Shaw-Diaz

moon after moon the ache of being

Tiffany Shaw-Diaz

By Elisa Theriana


my secret crush

blue moon

Elisa Theriana

By Nazarena Rampini

full moon -

a wave leaves on the sand

empty shells

Nazarena Rampini

By Teji Sethi




Teji Sethi

By Devoshruti Mandal

on silvery river

a playful moon


Devoshruti Mandal

By Claire Ninham


every moth flitter—

bipolar moon

Claire Ninham

By Radostina Dragostinova

midnight rain

the blue moon

on dragonfly wings

Radostina Dragostinova

By Leanne Mumford

hazy moon

hanging over the maple—

spin cycle

Leanne Mumford

By Madeleine Vinluan

Round-faced moon

I'm still scared by you!

Unspell me.

Madeleine Vinluan

By Nadejda Kostadinova


the quiet steps

of the rain

Nadejda Kostadinova

By Aboli Kadam

luminous sky…

a floating moon


Aboli Kadam

By Louise Hopewell

the same old me

gazing up at you

new moon

Louise Hopewell

By Joanna Ashwell

crushed ice

a rainstorm

shattering the moon

Joanna Ashwell

By Wanda Amos


by a gene mutation

many moons pass

Wanda Amos

By Richa Sharma

as one tune

blends into another

shifting moonlight

Richa Sharma

By Surashree Joshi

gibbous moon. . . 

the way he caresses

my belly

Surashree Joshi

By Daniela Misso

lilac shadow

behind the curtains

satin moon

Daniela Misso

By Sushama Kapur


a little boat chases

the new moon

Sushama Kapur