Cold Moon Journal

Cold Moon Journal
Photo c. Alf B. Meier

Sunday, October 17, 2021

By Neena Singh

I gather

from a leafless hedge

an empty nest

Neena Singh

By JL Huffman

lakefront tai chi

crane spreads its wings

JL Huffman

By Roberta Beach Jacobson

certainty of a hawk’s path

Roberta Beach Jacobson

By Nani Mariani

the sound of the nightingale singing

Nani Mariani

By Louise Hopewell

the kids

play statues

startled pigeons

Louise Hopewell

By Vincenzo Adamo

a sparrow drinks

in the dog bowl

the beggar grows old

Vincenzo Adamo

By Samo Kreutz


brought by a postman

their caws

Samo Kreutz

By Laughing waters

dark shadow

on the quail's wings —

white pearls

Laughing waters