Cold Moon Journal

Cold Moon Journal
Photo c. Alf B. Meier

Monday, October 2, 2023

By Jerome Berglund


on a lampshade

this blemished moon

Jerome Berglund


liminal highway

all the lights

come on at once

Jerome Berglund

By Mark Gilbert

tai chi reaching for the moon

Mark Gilbert

By Mirela Brailean

rich harvest

with the same shabby clothes

the scarecrow

Mirela Brailean

By Mona Bedi

overthinking my need to over clarify

Mona Bedi

By Mircea Moldovan

chemo, leafless trees

Mircea Moldovan

By Tony Williams


my aunt looks smaller

in the care home

Tony Williams

By Mark Forrester

beer garden—

the butterfly’s unsteady


Mark Forrester

By John J. Dunphy

class reunion invitation

on the RSVP card

he checks 'won't attend'

with the pen he borrowed from

a prison guard

John J. Dunphy

By Monica Kakkar

daily dilemma—

comfort of the ceiling fan

or hot cup of tea

Monica Kakkar

By Chen-ou Liu

first AA meeting

a whiff of whiskey

or all in my mind?

Chen-ou Liu


after the farewell

she doesn't wave back --


even colder on my face

than October's snowflakes

Chen-ou Liu

By Timothy Daly


breathe. panic


Timothy Daly

By Marilyn Humbert

all the colours

of windblown petals

at the rave

a hurley-burley

of gyrating dancers

Marilyn Humbert



shifting umbra

the equinox clock

in reverse

Marilyn Humbert