Cold Moon Journal

Cold Moon Journal
Photo c. Alf B. Meier

Sunday, May 2, 2021

By Richard Bailly

crew in synchrony

scull slipping effortlessly

undisturbed water

Richard Bailly

By G.R. LeBlanc

fall pruning

I leave the spiderweb


G.R. LeBlanc

By Richa Sharma

frantic mornings

if only a prayer

was enough

Richa Sharma

By Luke Levi


its beak a black sword

piercing the sky

Luke Levi

By Vasile Moldovan

wooden cross--

a nest of sparrows

under its eave

Vasile Moldovan

By Marilyn Ward

snow storm

the sakura scatters

through March wind

Marilyn Ward

By Sherry Grant

dreamsong specks of escaping cloud

Sherry Grant

By Arvinder Kaur

a firefly

leads me to him…

games at twilight

Arvinder Kaur

By Lee Hudspeth


a life star

launching new beginnings

Lee Hudspeth

By Amrutha Prabhu

cold moon --

i hug the pillow

watching the sky

Amrutha Prabhu

By Neena Singh

pink seashell

on the park bench

child’s lost treasure

Neena Singh

By M. Julia Guzmán

waiting room -

mother's frightened eyes

M. Julia Guzmán

By Nicoletta Ignatti

on the windowsill...

the scent of violets

away with the wind

Nicoletta Ignatti

By Ban Mihaly

distant heron shouts

as hermit crabs face

the stars

an arm signaling

their change of course

Ban Mihaly