Cold Moon Journal

Cold Moon Journal
Photo c. Alf B. Meier

Sunday, March 31, 2024

By Philip Andrew Lisi

Human Nature


glasswing butterfly


            I mark its spirals

            and seek a certain release

            in its weightlessness


cellophane in silky flight


            my son does not see

            his cruel potential

            it is just a bug

west wind in summer


            he tears wings with glee

            my hands tremble in a breeze

            too cold for August

Philip Andrew Lisi

Friday, March 29, 2024

By Ram Chandran

Cuckoo's Song

from morning

following me everywhere—

this cuckoo's song


a cuckoo song


a distant cuckoo song


banyan tree—

a cuckoo's song lengthens

through aerial roots

cuckoo's song

in sync with

monsoon rains

Ram Chandran

Thursday, March 28, 2024

By Hassane Zemmouri




fast               ing



fading f(l)ame

Hassane Zemmouri

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

By John Zheng

gossip mill fast food in all seasons

John Zheng


long shutdown the stone path sprawled with silence

John Zheng

sundown a hobo’s shadow drags into moonrise

John Zheng

disordered books stacked in order in my mind

John Zheng

By B. L. Bruce

forest path

wooden railing

worn smooth

B. L. Bruce

summer pond

the doe takes

a quiet drink

B. L. Bruce

new moon

the company

of stars

B. L. Bruce



the ship’s


B. L. Bruce

desert nightfall

sleep comes

with moonlight

B. L. Bruce

By Nicoletta Ignatti

bombed house—

in every room

a new green lawn

Nicoletta Ignatti

night in the garden—

in our memories

scent of jasmine

Nicoletta Ignatti

olive tree plantation—

the cold wind sings

among the silver branches


Nicoletta Ignatti

our steps slow

as he tells the story—

winter sun

Nicoletta Ignatti



spring snow thaw—

melting slowly

my old pain


Nicoletta Ignatti

By Herb Tate

snow moon

a well-lit face

in the diner window

Herb Tate

clear water

a stone through a memory

of a ripple

Herb Tate

alarm clock

the time that tells

when the rooster crows

Herb Tate

By Nancy Brady

hunt and peck

starlings cover

the neighbor's yard

Nancy Brady

they all say

it's gas

his first smile

Nancy Brady

nearly spring

the days and her shadow


Nancy Brady

black ice...

the danger of saying

the wrong thing

Nancy Brady

By Jennifer Gurney

when the waves slow down

and the ocean rests—


Jennifer Gurney


the ideal time

moon shadow


Jennifer Gurney

hard to tell

where mountain peaks end

clouds begin

Jennifer Gurney


the still, small voice

between the doubt


Jennifer Gurney

By Tsanka Shishkova

sweet slumber

in the moonlight

wings of love

Tsanka Shishkova

rising sun

lotus recovers

after the storm

Tsanka Shishkova

By Rita R. Melissano, Ph.D.

walking barefoot

a thousand times

the sand remembers us

Rita R. Melissano, Ph.D.

By Elena Zouain

late mowing —

no more bees in the hive

Elena Zouain

snow moon over sea —

one more journey in solitude

Elena Zouain

By Nancie Zivetz-Gertler

an innermost flood

the landscape forever changed

when her water broke

Nancie Zivetz-Gertler

tending her garden

the woman with dementia

remembers who's who

Nancie Zivetz-Gertler

through hospital doors

the smell of earth after rain

hands me one more day

Nancie Zivetz-Gertler

she wonders aloud

what might burn through the darkness

and asks for a star

Nancie Zivetz-Gertler

By Eugeniusz Zacharski


silt and sleet

carp season

Eugeniusz Zacharski

periodic table

the stars that flow

through us

Eugeniusz Zacharski

By Alvin B. Cruz

heavy snow

her bereavement leave

runs out

Alvin B. Cruz

sand between my toes...

i carry the sound

of waves

Alvin B. Cruz

By Amin Jacek Pędziwiater


on a cloudless night

clear consciousness

Amin Jacek Pędziwiater


By Carmela Marino

winter solstice

in the drawer money

for the last trip

Carmela Marino

a little girl

discovers her shadow

bamboo shoots

Carmela Marino

Sunday, March 24, 2024

By Oscar Luparia

in a random bookshop

just for the addictive smell

of printed paper

Oscar Luparia

tailwind . . .

my running performance

one minute shorter

Oscar Luparia

sound of water

even the long winter

goes by

poem and photo: Oscar Luparia

Saturday, March 23, 2024

By Chen-ou Liu

winter parting

I listen to the silence

she left behind

Chen-ou Liu

shower time

soap bubble after soap bubble

after my son's laughter

Chen-ou Liu

By Douglas J. Lanzo


warm memories

gathering monarchs

Douglas J. Lanzo

granting one wish one thousand folded cranes

Douglas J. Lanzo

wonderland magic

an impala bounds

higher with each leap

Douglas J. Lanzo

By Helen Ogden

power outage

learning the shapes

of familiar things

Helen Ogden

memorial service

getting to know the man

I thought I knew

Helen Ogden

By Joshua Gage

afterschool snack

the puddles that gather

around our boots

Joshua Gage

queen anne’s lace

shadows of minnows

on the creek bed

Joshua Gage



flu season

I brush her hair

from her sleeping face

Joshua Gage

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

By Fhen M.

Orion in the evening

my ancestor in the distant past.

Fhen M.

In my solitude

a frog jumps in.

Fhen M.

It's Monday

gazing at the moon's crater.

Fhen M.

By Mihaela Babusanu

that thrill rekindled—

silently looking at leaves

whirling in the wind

Mihaela Babusanu

a cart full of grapes—

father even since sunrise

cleaning the barrels

Mihaela Babusanu

Saint Valentine's Day—

ripping the heart from my hand

a strong gust of wind

Mihaela Babusanu

By Govind Joshi

starry sky

checking the constellations

one more time

Govind Joshi

sunset sky

the jumbo jet's passengers

entering the clouds

Govind Joshi

power outage

in the room

a memory

Govind Joshi

By Genevieve Aguinaldo

      Genevieve Aguinaldo








                                                                                            Genevieve Aguinaldo 

Genevieve Aguinaldo

By Georg Cook

The dark moon calls inviting magic

Georg Cook

By Jake Williams

How many stars?

Scattered light from afar

As silver waxed

Jake Williams

By Lorraine Caputo

Of what are people

dreaming that moment they die

in the throes of sleep?

Lorraine Caputo

By David Ngo

fireworks shoot

exploding everywhere in the sky—

memory's trigger

David Ngo

By Sarah Mahina Calvello

Cul de sac

Bathed in moonlight is the perfect

Meeting place

Sarah Mahina Calvello

By Xiaoou Chen

frog in well

admiring the moon

two circles

Xiaoou Chen

By Anthony Lusardi

autumn rain

a groundhog

digs another hole

Anthony Lusardi

By Janet Krauss

The sun disappears

across the water

leaving a pallor of grief

Janet Krauss

By John J. Dunphy

his latest composition

guitarist sings while facing

a headstone

John J. Dunphy

By Adrian Bouter

child's drawing

his stars

above God

Adrian Bouter

By Kavita Ratna


makeup covers

a black eye

Kavita Ratna

By Kerry J Heckman

in front of the fire cracking open a new book

Kerry J Heckman

By Tim Dwyer

backyard in Brooklyn

last autumn’s maple leaves

by the cyclone fence—

bare branches now full

with the song of many birds

Tim Dwyer

Monday, March 18, 2024

By John J. Dunphy

I blinked and missed it

the present

became the past

John J. Dunphy

alley drinkers

veterans of different wars share

the same bottle

John J. Dunphy

By Joshua St. Claire

gold leaf

I page

through Keats

Joshua St. Claire

Verdi's A

a house wren

plucking a cosmic string

Joshua St. Claire

nothing more to see here waning crescent moon

Joshua St. Claire

color theory

the changing waves

of sky, sea, and shell

Joshua St. Claire


universes come into existence

then collapse

Joshua St. Claire

Friday, March 15, 2024

By Bryan Rickert


a moment of rest

all night

alone in this room

with a mosquito

Bryan Rickert

leaf fall losing another reason to stay

Bryan Rickert



between waves the piper’s tiny cry

Bryan Rickert

By J. D. Nelson

arctic blast day two

agoraphobia mixed

with cabin fever

J. D. Nelson

I take out the trash

& look up to see the moon

seems full but it’s not

J. D. Nelson

halfway thru winter

the young man across the hall

lets his front door slam

J. D. Nelson

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

By Tuyet Van Do

underground rumbles ...

on the cracked pavements

deserted vehicles

Tuyet Van Do

By Jovana Dragojlovic


river of cars

flows slowly

Jovana Dragojlovic

winter evening

winds whisper a song

of the frost

Jovana Dragojlovic

By Zdenka Mlinar

and this March

is a prisoner

war madness —

in the gardens

only ashes

Zdenka Mlinar


i ovaj ožujak

je zarobljenik

  ratnog ludila

u vrtovima

samo pepeo

Zdenka Mlinar


on a meadow

of my childhood

a bouquet of daisies

for mom

Zdenka Mlinar



na livadi

mojeg djetinjstva —

buket tratinčica

za mamu

Zdenka Mlinar

By Wanda Amos

flashing lights

on the wet road

a soul lost

Wanda Amos

By Partha Sarkar

At night

A firefly with its light..

My thoughts

Very often get the address

To send a letter to my inertia.

Partha Sarkar

By Vandana Parashar


the age my father

never reached

Vandana Parashar


lying on my back

watching the sky

Vandana Parashar

By Deborah Karl-Brandt

news on TV

choosing to write about

pink tulips

Deborah Karl-Brandt

By Surya Nes

Climate change

melting ice

Iceberg Alley

is a dead end

Surya Nes

Saturday, March 9, 2024

By Mike Fainzilber

staring at the moon

trying to find

your reflection

Mike Fainzilber

love thy enemy

the one

I married

Mike Fainzilber

after the parting

sunrise and sunset

in grayscale

Mike Fainzilber

cloth on cloth

so near

too far…

Mike Fainzilber

what a view, you say

I see

only you

Mike Fainzilber

a haiku dream

when the soul

meets itself

Mike Fainzilber