Cold Moon Journal

Cold Moon Journal
Photo c. Alf B. Meier

Saturday, December 18, 2021

By Jim Niffen

long night moon

shadows dancing on

gravel roads

Jim Niffen

By Mariangela Canzi

winter dusk

cutting onions

for my soup

Mariangela Canzi

By Louise Hopewell

bare maple

a tiny red beanie

trampled in mud

Louise Hopewell

By Baisali Chatterjee Dutt


autumn leaves

upon the grass

Baisali Chatterjee Dutt

By Pat Geyer

swedish fish swimming

in their wake they seem to jump

from gold gummy bears

Pat Geyer

By Peter Jastermsky

internet down. then. we talk

Peter Jastermsky

By Mirela Brăilean

moon landing—

a delayed flock of geese

above water

Mirela Brăilean

By Carmela Marino

low clouds

his last breath

in a handkerchief

Carmela Marino

By Cynthia Anderson

paper and pencil

I leave a trail of breadcrumbs

for the afterlife

Cynthia Anderson

By Robert Moyer

jazz club dancer

squeezed into her dress

my dreams

Robert Moyer