Cold Moon Journal

Cold Moon Journal
Photo c. Alf B. Meier

Friday, January 27, 2023

By Françoise Maurice

two grey cranes

in the harvested rice field

december shadows

Françoise Maurice

By Aftab Yusuf Shaikh

dish of moon at night

the trees begin to undress

selfish lover-you!

Aftab Yusuf Shaikh

By Darrell Petska

pine woods meditation

each hushed step

one with the next

Darrell Petska




cut     trim     cut     trim

sleeping farmworkers’ hands

still picking broccoli

Darrell Petska



 snow flurries

I     just     don’t     know

what to think

Darrell Petska

By James Penha

tiers of brown soil

rice terraces harvested

tears of spent labor

James Penha

By Govind Joshi

rising sun 

the mountains wear 

an orange hue

Govind Joshi 



summer tour

we shower 

in a waterfall

Govind Joshi